Monday, November 9, 2009

In Support of Fellow Artists

While I have no aspirations to make my art commercially available, I am a big proponent of supporting fellow women artists who do by collecting and spreading the word! One of those artists is the amazing K.C. Willis of LIPSTICK RANCH (click on name to go to link!). Not only is she a fantastic artist, she is going to start offering a marketing workshop online geared to helping fellow artists get their artwork out there. AND, if you sign up for her workshop before the videos go live in December, you will save $100! Wow! Sign up now at her Marketing Mindset NING SITE (click on link to go there!) and you can get this workshop for $144 instead of $244! It's a great deal and some valuable knowledge for those of you who want to get your work out there in the public! AND, if you help spread the word, like I am, you have a chance to win one of her amazing pieces of art! You just cannot lose! Because even if you don't win, you are still helping to support fellow creative minds and that is a priceless gift!

FLAG by K.C. Willis