Monday, June 22, 2009

Roundish Art

In my Mixed Media Madams group, we are doing a tip-in round robin. A few months back I had Megan and her theme was polka dots done on an 8" round surface. Well, after having done her pages and sent them, I started doing digital art. And so I explored doing some pages for her digitally and I really like these so much better! I think they are more her style and I KNOW they have one of her favorite artists on them - John Singer Sargent. This first page is the front. The second page is the back. Please do try to ignore the script coming out of the sides on the back page. It'll be cut out. I just cannot do a cut out with my current digital program (please, oh please Holiday fairy, bring me Photoshop!! Heh Heh!).

Now, after doing them, I started THINKING about them. Doom, doom, dooooom (scary music here!). And one thing I realized is that these girls/women sort of represent the three ages of woman. On the front page: The young girl has a budding flower and wings (no need to explain the symbolism, I think!). The woman seems to me to be an "older woman". The flower is in full bloom in her hair and attached to it is a little set of wings. These things are symbolic, to me, of a life fully lived and explored. Also that as an "older woman" (I'm including myself here, too, as I am now racing downhill!) the wings can come back to take us to magical places again - because we are not so worried about how others view us anymore! At least, that is the case with me!
The back page, well, she is the young woman who is living her life, finding her path. She thinks she knows everything about life (grasping the fully bloomed flower) - just look at that defiant stance and look on her face! And she "gets it" somewhat - the heart key tied to her wrist. But as she grows older and wiser, she will surely change; her strength will guide the way. The moment will come when she gives away the heart key to her beloved and the flower will be safely nestled in her hair because she has the confidence to let it out of her hands.

Too much, ya think?! Heh Heh! Maybe. But I find it fascinating, the symbols and meanings that come out in my work when I don't think about it. I honestly was just thinking of the composition of the pieces in this canvas. The thoughts, the meaning, came out after it was done. A sign I think, that my muse is starting to come back into my head. I hope! I've missed her very much...!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Stuff

A digital journal entry on my comment-less last post:

New Christmas pages for Martha's book:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Own Words Fail Me

I wrote and rewrote my feelings about the latest two hate-filled murders in this country. But I realized that words can not adaquately express the deep sadness in my heart right now. So I'll leave you with these words:

"A child does not have to be taught how to be happy or the ways of love. It is fear, hatred & prejudice that have to be taught. And from the condition of the world we can see that unfortunatly there are some very good teachers."