Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello Kind People!

I finally got around to doing some stitchery the other night after dealing with a very ill furry child (cat), buying new tires for the car that were so bad that I'm not sure they actually had any rubber left on them and generally wanting to hide away from the world because it's all so overwhelming!
What I did was 4 kitty cats representing my furry children Gabriel, Figaro, Leopold and Sally. And then I did a fabric heart that is a bit puffy with the stitching and I think is fun. Then I found another $1 stamp at Michael's - the bird! So I stamped the bird and then embroidered him by using big stiches that went long ways over the stamp. So he looks kinda fuzzy. Then I added the fabric hat and button, some grass stitches and some yellow ric-rac. The ric-rac, fabric and button were gifts from fellow stitcher JULIE FILLO! Thanks sweet friend!
I know none of this really goes together, but I am just learning the craft and wanted to just play. Next time - and yes, GASP I'm feeling like there will be more embroidery in my future - I'll pick a theme and go with it. :) For now though, I'm trying to be gentle on myself and not stick to any plan. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm A Big Fat Cheater!

Why? Because for my little square tonight I actually took up 4 squares! I didn't see no rules, man, so, ya know, I decided to be a bit of a rebel! LOL.

I really need to get a better picture of it, because there is orange and pink in a lot of the flowers. But my scanner is acting naughty and I'm too tired tonight to mess with it. Anyways, I found a stamp at Michael's for a buck and used that as my pattern. It takes up FOUR squares, so I figured if I cannot find time to stitch tomorrow, that would be ok. Which is good, because we will be out of town going to doc appointments and dinner, so I may be too tired to do one tomorrow. Again, I'm a rule breaker! LOL

And I have to say, you EMBROIDERERS out there are AH.MAY.ZING! I've gone through the followers and am wowed! AND, the support that this wonky-fingered stitcher has gotten from all of you been so touching!! Thank you so much! You guys ROCK! :) And even though I don't think my embroidery is ever going to be perfect or prize-worthy, I am indeed inspired to keep going from all the support! Thank you! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

After an epic failure of a day yesterday, tonight I got back on the embroidery saddle and did two squares.

The middle I just filled in with yellow, edged with pink and added a button. I needed SOMETHING to cover up my mess from yesterday! LOL. The third is supposed to be a cute little owl. It kinda looks like a ghoul though. HEH HEH HEH! Oh well, I AM TRYING! And that's what matters, right?! :) I think once the 39 days are over, I'm going to try doing a larger cupcake - maybe 4 inches or so. I think I have had the best luck with it so far. And I think the larger size will be easier for me to work with. These tiny 1" squares are pretty rough on my wonky hands and I cannot seem to do fine little stitches. But I'm going to keep going! I'm no quitter! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Day two of an embroidery journey? Epic fail. As in all 4 hours of attempting to embroider a flower. I tore it out and tried to just fill in the square and then add a button. Again, epic fail. So, I am thinking the stars are not aligned for me today and I will try again tomorrow. But the thing that saved my sanity, is the amazing comments about my cupcake! Thank you so much kind people! Because of you I am not going to throw all my embroidery supplies in a bonfire. Heh Heh.
Tomorrow is another day, right? That's what Sweet Sally McNally says, anyways. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mean Teachers & An Embroidery Journey

After telling a friend that I wished I knew how to embroider, she suggested I follow along with the 39 SQUARES blog. So I have decided to do this project for the next 39 days! Today I finished my very first ever embroidered sqaure. It's not perfect in any way - it's crooked, the stitches are uneven and it's a bit wonky. But, I DID IT!

This is a big deal for someone who was humiliated by her 7th Grade Home Ec teacher. All because I couldn't sew a round pillow. Or cook very well. Actually, I thought my cooking was ok, but the teacher refused to try mine and gave me a fail because I made german meatballs that happened to have anchovies in the recipe. I don't eat anchovies either, but I don't remember even tasting them in the meatballs! What. Ever. Anyways, I have only picked up a needle and thread when it has been absolutely necessary. Like to sew a button on the hubbies shirt. But I decided enough was enough and it was time to at least TRY to overcome that long ago humiliation. So yea, I am proud of my wonky little square. And I'll pick up the needle again tomorrow to make another one! And just in case you couldn't tell - it's a cupcake with a cherry on top. Toodles! :)