Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eostre Greetings & Fun Times With Colorful Thread

Happy Eostre, Easter, Bunny Day, Day to Eat Chocolate Eggs Without Guilt - whatever you call it, I hope you are enjoying this spring day! It's not too spring-ish around here though - overcast, cold and windy. But since we are staying inside all day, we really cannot complain! :)

Above is the latest progress picture on my stitchery project. I'm enjoying all that I'm learning to do with this. I will definitely continue forward with stitchery in the future! I'd like to think that I could actually make even stitches and straight lines eventually, but I don't think that's going to happen! But that's ok! I'm good with the "artistic free-form" style I seem to have. Heh Heh! The big flower with the black border was a piece of fabric with a flower that I just sort of altered with stitches. It was crooked - of course - so I added the yellow rick-rack to cover the "bald spots". Snicker. The square by the birds' beak is supposed to be a garden - inspired by Maija of Maigirlz (I'm too lazy to get the link - sorry - look to the right on my list of links). My french knot flowers are all different sizes - not by design! But I always did like a messy, wild garden! I also couldn't decide on what color to use, so I put bright pink and yellow together on the needle and went to town.

I can see adding embroidery to a mixed media canvas piece. I wonder if I'll need a special needle for that? It's cool to learn new things and I hope to never stop learning on my artistic adventures! Have a wonderful day and thank you kind people for always being so supportive! I'm going to finally visit all the other stitch participants tonight. I didn't want to see too many and get discouraged at my very slow, crooked hands. But now is time to see what delights everyone else is creating. From the very few I have looked at, I know they are all going to be amazing! If you would like to check out all the delights, click on the I'M STITCHING ALONG link box near the top right! Happy Spring!