Monday, August 27, 2007

The Last of The Itty Bitty's - Kindof!

These collages are for, from the left: "Faith" for Christy and "Nosey Posey" for Sandee. The reason I say these are done "kindof" is because I'm not completely happy with Christy's collage. This was the 3rd one I did for those colors (orange, pink, turquoise and red) and I don't feel like I have it down yet. I did several other folks collages several times as well! But this particular color combo just isn't coming very naturally to me! So Christy, if you are reading this...DON'T glue this down yet! Because I'm going to try and make you a different one tonight! heh heh!

Itty Bitty Collages Again

These are Itty Bitty Collages for the following awesome artists, from the top left: "Reunited" for Debby H., "Flower Garden Goddess" for Patricia and "The Queen's Nest" for Christine H.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Itty Bitty Collages

Here are 7 of the 12 Itty Bitty 3x3 Collages I created for a recent swap:
The big one (fairy) is for Jennifer and called "She Believes". The others, from top to bottom - left to right are:
For Carol - "Love Nest".
For Barb - "Madd Love".
For Rosalie - "Sea Mail".
For Angie - "Ahoy Sailor, Sailor, Sailor, Sailor!".
For Michelle - "Bird Symphony in White".
And For Peggy - "The Painter's Garden".
I had a difficult time creating these - more than I thought I would. Part of it is because my muse threw a hissy fit and quit and I haven't found a replacement yet! Anyone have one for cheap?!? Heh Heh! The other part is because this is a collaborative project - each person will receive 12 of these Itty Bitties and will put them together as one piece of art. I have been petrified that my piece will RUIN their entire work! It's not that I think my work sucks completely. It's just that the other artists, the squares they are creating, are WONDERFUL!
I know! I have issues! I don't think I'll ever be one of those artists who is comfortable or happy with what they create. IE: Don't be looking for my artwork in any magazines or galleries any time soon! heh! The two times I was published nearly caused a nervous breakdown and I decided that was enough for me! I graciously bow out and allow other artists the chance to shine. It's kind of my way in all of my life anyways. It's where I'm most comfortable, really. It is enough that I enjoy the creative process and am at least partially comfortable enough with my work to trade with others.
Well, 5 more to go. I made one for Christy tonight, but REALLY didn't like it. Note to self: Find something else besides gel medium to glue on flat back cristals! So, I'm going to do a different one for her. My zetti for Sandee is nearly done and then just 3 others. :) My goal is to have them completed and in the mail on Saturday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Through The Eyes of A Child - More Pics

These are pics of the sweet box the book was sent in and a wacky view of the right open side of the book, with all the cool embellishments sticking out. A sweet little story book donated by Mija was added to the bottom as well. Such an amazing creation you guys made!! THANK YOU!

Through The Eyes of A Child

Here are pictures of an amazing book that several artists helped put together! The original book, done by barb b. was sadly lost in the mail when I sent it home. This book was sent as a replacement, even though nothing could really replace her first book!