Saturday, March 15, 2008

Egg Flower Soup & Birds Nest Clouds

This is my latest madness for a round robin book called "For The Birds" which belongs to the wonderful Michelle! I kept thinking about Egg Flower Soup when thinking about the theme. Don't ask why, cuz I have NO CLUE! So I thought I would make some flowers that were egg shaped. Then, because I was thinking goofy, I wondered about birds making nests in the fluffy clouds. And this is what came out. I hope Michelle likes it! This particular color of blue has been really grabbing me lately. Sometimes colors will do that to me. Must be the arrival of spring?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Round & Round & Round We Go Where We Stop Nobody Knows

This is a large Gothic Arch in the theme of Carousel Animals that I made for CAROL. This was a fun theme to work in and I just love this red striped paper! And all the red german scrap is from ARTCHIX STUDIO. I would link it, but I'm just too lazy tonight. Sorry. The triangular space was where I put my name and contact info for Carol. :)

My Mother, My Queen

These are tip-in pages I did for a swap for GINA. I made these pages based on a prayer to the Virgin Mary and the idea of a reliquary shrine. I like them...but felt like I should have added more to the pages. But as long as I comtemplated and tried things, nothing else worked. So I decided that the pages wanted to be simple to make the cross and the young communion taker take center stage.