Monday, November 9, 2009

In Support of Fellow Artists

While I have no aspirations to make my art commercially available, I am a big proponent of supporting fellow women artists who do by collecting and spreading the word! One of those artists is the amazing K.C. Willis of LIPSTICK RANCH (click on name to go to link!). Not only is she a fantastic artist, she is going to start offering a marketing workshop online geared to helping fellow artists get their artwork out there. AND, if you sign up for her workshop before the videos go live in December, you will save $100! Wow! Sign up now at her Marketing Mindset NING SITE (click on link to go there!) and you can get this workshop for $144 instead of $244! It's a great deal and some valuable knowledge for those of you who want to get your work out there in the public! AND, if you help spread the word, like I am, you have a chance to win one of her amazing pieces of art! You just cannot lose! Because even if you don't win, you are still helping to support fellow creative minds and that is a priceless gift!

FLAG by K.C. Willis

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Musings

It's fall again. A time of year I love very much. The cool air feels so good in my lungs. Much better than the stifling hot dust of summer. And I adore Halloween. Seeing the kiddies in the neighborhood dressed up for the big night fills my soul with sunshine. But as much as I love the fall, this is also a difficult time of year for me. Twenty-four years ago today my mother ended her struggle with mental illness. She was 42 years old. I'll be 42 next year. Something that causes me to pause and think a lot. I think many daughters who have lost mothers find it odd to come upon the age their mothers were when they died. I have heard these stories. I understand them now. It feels so young - 41. Fourty-two isn't going to feel much older. She had so much to live for. And yet...she also lived in great shame about her illness (paranoid schizophrenia). The unbalance became too much. I understand...and I don't. But that was her journey and she chose her way. We all do the best we can do with what we have, I believe.

Whoooosh. That was heavy. I guess it's a heavy sort of day. :) But the brightness within this day (besides the nice cool, sunny weather) is that I have an amazing array of "art friends" to lighten up my mind. If you want to see some pure art love, check out some of the folks on my list to the right. These are amazing women full of imagination, color and light. And I am thankful daily for their presence - no matter how small - in my life!

So I shall leave this post with some recent art I created for one of those amazing women - Jennifer R.D. I was lucky enough to meet Jenn in person TWICE and spend some time with her. What a joyous soul, indeed! Her theme was WINDOWS and I chose RED AND PINK as my main colors. It is simple, but meaningful. It is about opening your soul to sunlight, to sisters, to nature, to life. I hope you enjoy your pages, sweet girl!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Yes, Another Giveaway On A Cool Blog!

Do you like this wonderfully amazing artistic dollie?
How about these uber-cool Patterns to create your own artsy quilts?
NO? Oh, well, so sorry to bother you! Never mind!
Oh, all right. I'll tell you. Dylan and Jo are having a giveaway!!!!! You know, they are those remarkable folks at CART BEFORE THE HORSE who create wonderful art in the form of dollies, patterns, parade canes, ornaments and all manner of spangley goodness! So if you want to win, you should go enter! *I* want to win real bad. So bad that I'm willing to tell you about this wonderful giveaway treasure to get an extra entry! That's bad, people! Cuz, ya know, I'd rather be the only person entering!! I'm KIDDING!! Really! Sorta. Yes. I'm kidding! I want you to win just as much as *I* want to win. That's that's the kinda hairpin I am. :) Have a wonderful day and go check out their blog!

PS: I SWEAR that I didn't use the light green/red/white color scheme on this post because Jo mentioned once that she loved that color combination. Fairy Flower's Honor! (Am I going to be denied entry to the fairy ball now for lying?!?! Heh Heh!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Wonderful Giveaway!

Hurry, Hurry, the mice are scurrying away as you read! Rush over to KING OF MICE STUDIO and enter Carolee's drawing to win this fantastically delightful little box!

Quit nibbling on your cheese and run away now! The drawing starts MONDAY at 9:00 PM Eastern Time! Go! Go!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zettirific ATCs!

This last month I joined a Zetti ATC Swap hosted by the super talented MARION B. I had a great time making these! The swap was for three cards. And the first three are what I sent for the swap. The images are of the front (left side) and back (right side) together. The finished cards look a little different as I had embellished them with gel pens.

This was one I made right before the EAT CAKE one. It didn't feel zetti enough, so I didn't send it. So, if you would like this ATC, please leave a comment and let me know! The first person to claim it gets it! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Amazing Artist

This is a painting by JULIE FILLO that I simply adore! I found Julie's work a couple of months ago, I believe and just fell in love with it! Her works always fill me with those secret whispers in my heart and head that pop and fizzle with excitement! If you are an artist, you understand this (I hope! Heh!). I do hope that you will check out her blog and then visit her etsy store and support this amazing artist!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Works In Progress

Here are two pages I started in a journal. They are not finished. The raven one needs something...but I'm not sure what yet. The chair one I would like to add a quote of some kind. Maybe something about a favorite chair. Have a wonderful day! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Roundish Art

In my Mixed Media Madams group, we are doing a tip-in round robin. A few months back I had Megan and her theme was polka dots done on an 8" round surface. Well, after having done her pages and sent them, I started doing digital art. And so I explored doing some pages for her digitally and I really like these so much better! I think they are more her style and I KNOW they have one of her favorite artists on them - John Singer Sargent. This first page is the front. The second page is the back. Please do try to ignore the script coming out of the sides on the back page. It'll be cut out. I just cannot do a cut out with my current digital program (please, oh please Holiday fairy, bring me Photoshop!! Heh Heh!).

Now, after doing them, I started THINKING about them. Doom, doom, dooooom (scary music here!). And one thing I realized is that these girls/women sort of represent the three ages of woman. On the front page: The young girl has a budding flower and wings (no need to explain the symbolism, I think!). The woman seems to me to be an "older woman". The flower is in full bloom in her hair and attached to it is a little set of wings. These things are symbolic, to me, of a life fully lived and explored. Also that as an "older woman" (I'm including myself here, too, as I am now racing downhill!) the wings can come back to take us to magical places again - because we are not so worried about how others view us anymore! At least, that is the case with me!
The back page, well, she is the young woman who is living her life, finding her path. She thinks she knows everything about life (grasping the fully bloomed flower) - just look at that defiant stance and look on her face! And she "gets it" somewhat - the heart key tied to her wrist. But as she grows older and wiser, she will surely change; her strength will guide the way. The moment will come when she gives away the heart key to her beloved and the flower will be safely nestled in her hair because she has the confidence to let it out of her hands.

Too much, ya think?! Heh Heh! Maybe. But I find it fascinating, the symbols and meanings that come out in my work when I don't think about it. I honestly was just thinking of the composition of the pieces in this canvas. The thoughts, the meaning, came out after it was done. A sign I think, that my muse is starting to come back into my head. I hope! I've missed her very much...!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Stuff

A digital journal entry on my comment-less last post:

New Christmas pages for Martha's book:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Own Words Fail Me

I wrote and rewrote my feelings about the latest two hate-filled murders in this country. But I realized that words can not adaquately express the deep sadness in my heart right now. So I'll leave you with these words:

"A child does not have to be taught how to be happy or the ways of love. It is fear, hatred & prejudice that have to be taught. And from the condition of the world we can see that unfortunatly there are some very good teachers."

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Inspiration Touches My Soul

Today, for the first time in a very, very long time, I was inspired to make a piece of art "just because". Mostly I have been making art for swap commitments and those are always done to the recipients specs as to theme and size, etc. Which is fine - and fun! But the creative spark to "just make art" has not been living inside of me for a while. I have joked that my muse is off vacationing in a tropical paradise without me, but honestly, it has been a little distressing! The feelings are all so much more complex...but I'll just let those rattle around in my brain for a while and not bore you with the details.
This is the piece I created (with digital elements) after finishing a book tonight:

It is called "Forgotten Flight" and was inspired by the book "Off Season" by Anne Rivers Siddons. Oh, and my art piece? It "looks" nothing like the plot of the book at all! But it grew out a concept in the book that 11 year old Lilly believes: That all people used to be able to fly, but we have forgotten how. That is one of the things that really stayed with me through the book. Sort of magical, don't you think?! And perhaps...plausible?! Nothing is impossible, I believe! :)

As a side note, I really, really loved this book! It is set in coastal Maine and there is something so alluring to me about that part of the country. I've never actually been there, but I would really love to see it before I leave this life. Also, while many online reviews say that the ending is confusing and they didn't like that part of it, I thought it made perfect sense. It's just that you have to read into it a little deeper, I think. If you are looking for an easily paced and bittersweet story to read on a warm afternoon, you should give this one a try. It really shows how we all carry the "ghosts" of our past with us through our lives.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweet Kitties & A Link To A Giveaway

My sweet Gabby boy came home Saturday afternoon. Yay! He has been slowly coming back into himself, although he is VERY clingy! He has been following the hubby and I room to room and talking to us A LOT. I think he is trying to make sure we never send him away again by making sure we know he adores us! Heh Heh! It feels good to have him home. He is an important part of our lives around here and need him to stay for at least 10 more years! :)

There is a giveaway on DEENA'S BLOG. It is for this sweet print on a wood background:

Even if you are too late for the giveaway, I highly recommend having a look around her blog! Deena is an amazingly strong woman who is fighting breast cancer that spread to her brain. She is a true warrior and has a beautiful spirit!

Now, go have a beautiful week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

UPDATED: He's On The Mend!

UPDATE - FRIDAY NIGHT: Got to go visit with our little guy for an hour today! Which was good, because last night his fever spiked and had the vet - AND US! - worried. This morning though, no fever, but he still wouldn't eat (this is now 2 1/2 days without food). Well, we went to visit with him at 4:00 PM and after his initial freak-out, he calmed down, kept rubbing against us, jabbered up a storm and even played with the toy mouse we snuck in! We tried to get him to eat his regular food, but while he was interested (smelling it and answering emphatically to the question "when do you want to eat?" [Don't judge me for teaching them to talk people!!]), he kept meowing and walking away. We think maybe he associates that food with being sick now. So the nurse gal opened up a can from there and set it before him. He was more interested but still wouldn't eat it. Well...this lovely woman stuck her beautifully manicured fingers in that food and I'll be darned if Gabby didn't eat right from her hand!! Wahooooo!!! SO....if all goes well and he doesn't get sick tonight, he'll get to come home on Saturday afternoon with antibiotics!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that is he coming home!! My heart felt so much better after seeing him be active and almost back to normal. We almost lost Mr. Gabbs this week and that would have been so very sad!!!! He's such a cool cat and I know he has a lot of life left in him - many more mice to play with, manners to teach the new kittens and many more rides on our shoulders around the house! :) A nasty old virus is no match for that stuff! :)
Here's my Gabs as a baby! He loved sleeping either on the keyboard or on his brother Figaro! At almost 6 years old, they still sleep like that sometimes! Silly guys!

A classic "Gabby Pose" - stretched out at the end of the bed!
Not the best picture I know, but this is him answering my "Hey Gabbers!" He's a very vocal little guy! "What?!! Can't you see I'm trying to relax here?!"

Tonight the vet called at 5:30, after I had gotten the "all is ok" from them at 4:50. They said he spiked a fever all of a sudden. 104.1. 105 can be really, really dangerous for cats. So along with the i.v. fluids, they've got him on antibiotics tonight. Sigh.
I wish they could tell me what is wrong with my sweet Gabby! I love this little cat more than I can rightly explain! I believe - and always will - that my dad sent Gabby and his brother Figaro to me after he died! He always said that if reincarnation was real, he wanted to come back as one of his wifes cats (my step-mom, Linda). Well, the day after he died, a petite tabby cat (girl) showed up at his nursery. Of course, they instantly called Linda because they knew what dad had said! She showed up to see this little cat, which had been named Baby in the interim few hours. Well, when Linda walked into the nursery, I'll be darned if that little cat didn't RUN, seriously RUN up to her and beg to be picked up!! When Linda picked her up, Baby started nuzzling her neck! So Baby stayed at the nursery because, come on, who could say that this WASN'T MY DAD, or at least SENT by my dad?! Well, before they could get her fixed, she got pregnant. I knew, right away, that I was going to get one of these babies! When I went down there to see them, Baby, never having seen me before, came up to me and nearly DRAGGED me to see her babies! That's when I fell in love with Figaro, Gabby's brother! I knew I wanted him for sure. When I went to pick him up at 2 months old, Gabby, in all his adorable polydactyl-ly (extra toes!) cuteness just stole my heart right along with Figaro! And he didn't "shut up" the entire 3 hour ride home, heh heh, which is how he came to be cristened Gabriel - or Gabby for short!
I know the above story may sound strange, but I really feel that Figaro and Gabriel were sent to me by my dad! I'm not sure I would have made it past the heavy grieving without them to cuddle. They were - and are - my therapy! And after 6 years (on June 6th), I'm not nearly ready to give them up yet! So Pops, if you are listening, please help our sweet Gabby boy, ok?! I still need him around, to teach these two new kittens how to be cool cats! And everyone else, if you could send some positive energy his way, I would appreciate it! I know to many, Mr. Gabby is "just a cat". But to my hubby and I, he is one of our chidlren! Maybe even the favorite child! But don't tell the others that!! :)
Going to bed early now, so I can be ready to deal with whatever comes tomorrow. The last 2 days have been exhausting.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lovely Flowers, Singing Birds, Goals & Oh Yea, Art!

Today was a really, really good day. This morning when I got up I went out to the back yard and planted 4 planters and 1 pot with lovely flowers (petunias, lobelia and mauve calla lillies). I also replanted the amarillis bulbs my Aunt Cheryl gave me a couple of years ago! They are sprouting and I'm looking forward to the amazing flowers that come out of them - bright flame orange/red I believe! In the middle of planting I ran out of potting soil, so the hubby ran to Ace Hardware to get more. While he was gone I just lounged in the back yard by watching the blue jays and spraying my feet with water (it was over 100 degrees today!). And I tell was so lovely! Serene and quiet. Warm and soothing. And full of freshly mowed grass smells, oxigen and bird songs. I think it has renewed my desire to step outside my doors now. Actually, it forces me to since I now have flowers to take care of! I've been hiding for a long time indoors, afraid to step out without an escort. But that is one of the things I'd like to change in my life and I've taken the first step! :) It feels good. My next goal is to get a prescription to use the local therapy pool at least once a week. It's only open during the week, so it will mean I will have to take the city bus there and back - alone! It feels daunting, but I know I can do it. Especially since I love to swim and am too cheap to pay for a taxi! Heh Heh!

OK, onward to my art. Lately I cannot seem to work in any other format other than digital. Hopefully some day I'll feel like tearing up paper and splashing paint and glue around again! Until then, it has been fun! I'm really hoping to get Photoshop for Christmas this year (start planning, Santa Baby!!). I know I'll be able to really grow and do so many more things with that! I especially want to cut out images to use in my art!

Still here?? Well then, below are my current pieces for my Mixed Media Madams group. The first two pages are 8x8's and we were told to "art ourselves" in the zetti style. As I'm not a fan of using my face in artwork, I used a photo of my legs when I joined the circus years ago. What?! Don't believe me?! Chuckle! OK, it's not me. BUT, it is representative of me - especially when I trip over dust bunnies and end up like this on the floor! The key and the house on the next page represent us buying our first house almost 2 years ago now! Something we thought might just be impossible. But hopes with actions behind them become real! Remember that!

The two pages below are for Martha and they are, um, ehr, I cannot remember what size they are, sooooory! But her theme was vintage winter/christmas. And she loves PINK CHRISTMAS, so I tried to give that to her. I'm thinking of adding some vintage lace on the bottom and some stickles glittery glitterness once I print them. The sentiment says "Love, peace and joy", the things I love about the holiday season!

Are you STILL here?? Don't you have some art to make?? Go make some! Go sit in your yard and listen to the birds! Splash your feet with the hose like you did when you were 4! Believe me, you will feel nothing but joy and delight! Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by! I do appreciate it very, very much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zetti Zodiac Digital ATC's

This is the front of the Aquarius Card above. The back is below. They are ATC sized (3.5" x 2.5") and were made for a zetti style zodiac deck. NOTE: If anyone is a pro at Adobe Photo Shop and knows how to cut out images and would like to help me...I would LOVE to have the girl above (the original doesn't have the shell or the roller skates!) as a cutout I could use in my digital art (as a jpeg image with a "clear" background)! I don't have Adobe and I cannot figure out how to do it in MS Digital Image Pro 9. Wah!! I'd be happy to send you a goody bag of art supplies in trade!! :)
This is the front of the Taurus card below and the back below that. I am going to add black stripes to her horns once it is printed. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Latest 4x4's

These are actually 4x4's...the left sides are the front and the right sides the back. After printing, I will fold them in half. They were both done digitally.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New One For Barb

Thinking I like this MUCH better than the first "vintage children rainbow collage" for Barb! It's subtle, but hopefully she'll like it. It was done compltely digitally. Which I am really digging these days! No messy clean-up or searching in stores 40 miles away for the kind of paper I want but they never have! :) This is the front:
This is the back with a "poem" I wrote on it that says: In the wee hours of summer morns, when the sun fills the flowers with warmth and promise, I remember how you always made me feel as if I could fly.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Rainy Spring Day, A New Art Book, Cuddling w/ A Cozy Eiderdown!

A friend of mine is selling some beautiful Vintage Eiderdowns exported from England! The fabrics and sizes vary and they are true vintage lovelies (mostly late 30's/40's)! They do have some small character flaws such as small tears, thin fabric, etc. However, these are delightful little cozies that are extremely warm and comforting and perfect for cuddling on the sofa or as a display at the foot of a bed! Most range from 3-4' x 4-5' in size and range in price from $35-$65 (Shipping Extra). Pictures, sizes and details can be provided if you are interested in any of them! Please leave me a comment with your email or email me at: and I'll put you in touch with the seller Sarah! :)

PS: I've cuddled with several of these myself and they really are delightful!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Art and Silliness

This is a tag I made for a friend who is turning 50 this year. I did it digitally and then added the hat, pink jewel and lace on the bottom after printing.

This is a 4x4 tip in page I made for a swap in my Mixed Media Madams group. The theme chosen by the recipient was "Grandmother's Sewing Basket". As I was humiliated and tortured by a 7th Grade Home Economics teacher, I do not sew. So instead I decided to make a page that looked sewn with digital scrapbooking elements. The poem is by me - It's not great literature, but tells the story of this page well enough, I think. :) I'm thinking of adding a few things once I print it out. Maybe a button or two and some lace.

And lastly, here is some random silliness from my honey Shea's workmates! He has three Meercats on his desk along with a palm tree for fun. When he is gone, he has the "meercats" send everyone silly emails. Well, he took the friday before Valentine's off and when he returned on Monday, they had all the Meercats smeared with cupcake frosting! There were crumbs everywhere, one was head first into the cupcake and they even sprinkled meercat "poop" all over his desk! Heh! I think silliness like this really makes going to work a lot nicer, don't you?! I wish I worked there too! :)

Have a nice weekend all! Don't forget to hug your honeys and your furry pals! And please, make sure you stop at all the red lights! Nothing is so important that cannot wait just a few seconds more for the light to change! Smooch!