Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zetti Zodiac Digital ATC's

This is the front of the Aquarius Card above. The back is below. They are ATC sized (3.5" x 2.5") and were made for a zetti style zodiac deck. NOTE: If anyone is a pro at Adobe Photo Shop and knows how to cut out images and would like to help me...I would LOVE to have the girl above (the original doesn't have the shell or the roller skates!) as a cutout I could use in my digital art (as a jpeg image with a "clear" background)! I don't have Adobe and I cannot figure out how to do it in MS Digital Image Pro 9. Wah!! I'd be happy to send you a goody bag of art supplies in trade!! :)
This is the front of the Taurus card below and the back below that. I am going to add black stripes to her horns once it is printed. :)


allison strine said...

That bull's eye is the best, T! I also totally ADORE your little house, especially the awning! Mwah!

barbara burkard said...

lol...i soooo wish i knew how to do the cut out thing...i just use the time consuming cut out in printmaster thing...i too so need lessons! the taurus descrip...oh that's me...cept for the indulging you from lacey, washington! did the package arrive? hope you liked it..i know it was a bit strange....but it was from the heart....hugz

martha brown said...

Hi Tamara -- I was perusing older posts in your blog and I came across this one -- do you still need someone to cut the background off of this girl -- I'm just learning photoshop but cutting out things is the one thing that I've become really good at!!! I'd love to try it for you!xox