Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lovely Flowers, Singing Birds, Goals & Oh Yea, Art!

Today was a really, really good day. This morning when I got up I went out to the back yard and planted 4 planters and 1 pot with lovely flowers (petunias, lobelia and mauve calla lillies). I also replanted the amarillis bulbs my Aunt Cheryl gave me a couple of years ago! They are sprouting and I'm looking forward to the amazing flowers that come out of them - bright flame orange/red I believe! In the middle of planting I ran out of potting soil, so the hubby ran to Ace Hardware to get more. While he was gone I just lounged in the back yard by watching the blue jays and spraying my feet with water (it was over 100 degrees today!). And I tell was so lovely! Serene and quiet. Warm and soothing. And full of freshly mowed grass smells, oxigen and bird songs. I think it has renewed my desire to step outside my doors now. Actually, it forces me to since I now have flowers to take care of! I've been hiding for a long time indoors, afraid to step out without an escort. But that is one of the things I'd like to change in my life and I've taken the first step! :) It feels good. My next goal is to get a prescription to use the local therapy pool at least once a week. It's only open during the week, so it will mean I will have to take the city bus there and back - alone! It feels daunting, but I know I can do it. Especially since I love to swim and am too cheap to pay for a taxi! Heh Heh!

OK, onward to my art. Lately I cannot seem to work in any other format other than digital. Hopefully some day I'll feel like tearing up paper and splashing paint and glue around again! Until then, it has been fun! I'm really hoping to get Photoshop for Christmas this year (start planning, Santa Baby!!). I know I'll be able to really grow and do so many more things with that! I especially want to cut out images to use in my art!

Still here?? Well then, below are my current pieces for my Mixed Media Madams group. The first two pages are 8x8's and we were told to "art ourselves" in the zetti style. As I'm not a fan of using my face in artwork, I used a photo of my legs when I joined the circus years ago. What?! Don't believe me?! Chuckle! OK, it's not me. BUT, it is representative of me - especially when I trip over dust bunnies and end up like this on the floor! The key and the house on the next page represent us buying our first house almost 2 years ago now! Something we thought might just be impossible. But hopes with actions behind them become real! Remember that!

The two pages below are for Martha and they are, um, ehr, I cannot remember what size they are, sooooory! But her theme was vintage winter/christmas. And she loves PINK CHRISTMAS, so I tried to give that to her. I'm thinking of adding some vintage lace on the bottom and some stickles glittery glitterness once I print them. The sentiment says "Love, peace and joy", the things I love about the holiday season!

Are you STILL here?? Don't you have some art to make?? Go make some! Go sit in your yard and listen to the birds! Splash your feet with the hose like you did when you were 4! Believe me, you will feel nothing but joy and delight! Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by! I do appreciate it very, very much!


peggy gatto said...

lovely posy AND ART!!!!!

peggy gatto said...

Lovely POST is what I meant!

SheaNC said...

"Are you STILL here??"

Of course, I'm always here :)

The art is breathtaking as always, but I agree with Peggy: Lovely posy!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.