Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Yes, Another Giveaway On A Cool Blog!

Do you like this wonderfully amazing artistic dollie?
How about these uber-cool Patterns to create your own artsy quilts?
NO? Oh, well, so sorry to bother you! Never mind!
Oh, all right. I'll tell you. Dylan and Jo are having a giveaway!!!!! You know, they are those remarkable folks at CART BEFORE THE HORSE who create wonderful art in the form of dollies, patterns, parade canes, ornaments and all manner of spangley goodness! So if you want to win, you should go enter! *I* want to win real bad. So bad that I'm willing to tell you about this wonderful giveaway treasure to get an extra entry! That's bad, people! Cuz, ya know, I'd rather be the only person entering!! I'm KIDDING!! Really! Sorta. Yes. I'm kidding! I want you to win just as much as *I* want to win. That's that's the kinda hairpin I am. :) Have a wonderful day and go check out their blog!

PS: I SWEAR that I didn't use the light green/red/white color scheme on this post because Jo mentioned once that she loved that color combination. Fairy Flower's Honor! (Am I going to be denied entry to the fairy ball now for lying?!?! Heh Heh!)

1 comment:

Jo James said...

Thanks the sweetness, and for spreading the word.
I'm not throwing your name in the hat again for the awesome color scheme, but nice try ;)
Good luck!