Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Latest Buzzzzzzzzzzz

Are you having a BEE-utiful day? I hope so!

If you would like your day to be even more BEE-utiful, you should go check out the blog by my friend PATTI (click her name to go there!). She is having a BEE-lightful giveaway of some art she made! Of course, I know you don't really like those pesky bee's, so you don't have to enter! In fact, I think I heard a rumor that if you entered you would be chased by a swarm of angry bees all the way to the ends of the earth! So, you know, better to be safe than sorry, right?!! Besides, I'm going to win! Muwahahaha!

1 comment:

misspvc said...

Oh thank you sweet friend for your swEEt words!!!! You have 3 count them one by one 1, 2, 3!!!! entries!!!! good luck!!!!
huge hugs