Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Bounty of Kindness!

Four years ago, Lisa Swifka of A WHIMSICAL BOHEMIAN started a blog event called One World One Heart to connect bloggers from around the world. And during this even, each participant offered a door prize that a visitor could win. So not only do you get to meet wonderful artists, writers and other creative sorts, you could also win a really cool handmade gift by them! It's a win-win no matter how it plays out, right?!

Well, this year was the first time I visited each and every one of the over ONE THOUSAND BLOGS. Yes. You heart that right, ONE THOUSAND! Isn't that amazing?! I left comments on about 100 of them during my travels. Since I did not offer a stop along the magic carpet ride, I decided to leave comments for things that I thought my friends and/or family would like. This way, if I won, I could Pay It Forward and give the gifties away. Which honestly, is something I just LOVE to do! :) And as it turns out, I won several gifts from amazing bloggers! Wow! How excited was I to win?! Well, let's just say I had to celebrate with several cupcakes. Topped with sprinkles. And chocolate. And love. Heh Heh. And here are the amazing goodies I won from some super wonderful fantastic fellow bloggers (please forgive my horrible photos!):

1. The first one was from ANGIE HALL HAVILAND. Angie has been a fellow Yahoo Art Group friend of mine for several years and I just adore her art! From Angie I won this darling Tag Book:

Isn't it just the sweetest?! I love this little book and am very tempted to be a greedy little gopher and keep it for myself! But I think it would make me even more happy if I could give it away to another. SO, if you would like to win this adorable tag book, please let me know in the comments and I'll draw a name on March 3rd! Good Luck! Oh, and if you have a chance, do stop by ANGIE'S ETSY SHOP. There is always something delightful to buy in there!

2. The second gift I won was from LORRI LENNOX from Australia. It was wonderful Digital Gypsey Themed Collage Sheet. If you would like to see the one she sent to me, you can check it out at her ETSY SHOP. You can even buy it if you want! Wheee! I didn't want to post it here to protect her copywrite. :) Lorri is a wonderful artist and woman who gave away so many gifts for her OWOH blog hop! She has a big, generous heart and I'm happy to know her! And since she has inspired me so much, I want to give back to one lucky winner! I would like to give one person a set of ALL 5 OF LORRI'S DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEETS! So in the comments just let me know you are interested in winning this prize and I'll draw a name on March 3rd! Please note these are digital collage sheets and will be sent to your email address. :)

3. The third gift I won (I know! Can you believe it?! How lucky am I?!) was from AMY SANDOVA & THE QUEEN OF QUIRKSICAL. From Amy, and the oh so delightful Queen of Quirksical, I won a gift certificate to choose anything I wanted from her ROYAL ETSY STORE! Oh my, oh my, oh my! What a fun time I had shopping! Especially since not only did I win the gift certificate, but Amy declared a sale of everything else I wanted to buy in her shop AND free shipping! My goodness, could it get any better than that?! What I chose were three delightful treasures to give away to three people who are very special to me. These two wonderful beaded stars reminded me of the time I spent in physical rehab after a near-fatal car accident in Nov. 2000.

They had me bead a star similar to these to help me regain my some of my hand movement and coordination. And that star beading was also the first time my artistic muse sparked within me. So while it was a tough time, many wonderful things came out of it, including my desire to create art. :) So, the blue, red and white star is going to my Aunt Cheryl who visited me in the hospital nearly every day and became a wonderful advocate. The purple star is going to a friend who loves the color lavender as much as I do. I KNOW she knows who I mean. Heh Heh. This fellow blogger has one of the most generous hearts I know and I wish this star were made of diamonds and amethyst, because she deserves something like that. But I hope the love behind the gift will mean almost as much to her. :)

And this amazing turquoise necklace is going to my Aunt Dian in Texas.

She has been having some health issues lately and I know this artistic beauty will brighten up her spirits so very much! Once when we were all visiting Aunt Cheryl in Arizona, Aunt Dian had on the most beautiful turquoise jewelry and matching top. The color was so stunning on her and made her aura shine so brightly that from that day on, every time I saw that color, I immediately thought of her! So of course when I saw this beautiful piece in Amy's store, I knew it was what I needed to get with my gift certificate!

4. The FOURTH prize I won (I'm actually kinda embarrased to have won so much!!) was from the very talented GABRIELLE MADSEN of Canada. I won these amazing photo cards and a beautiful tag too:

Please forgive my photography. It really doesn't express the beauty of these cards at all. They are simply stunning. And of such amazing quality that they are suitable for framing! In fact, the one of the tree and the one of the feet, I am going to frame for two of my brother's as gifts! Seriously, they are that amazing! But the third one, with the white flowers, I would like to give away to one of YOU! The quote on it says: "Each time you remember the Truth of who you are, You bring more light into the world." Wow. Isn't that just beautiful? So if you are interested in winning this card, please leave me a comment and I'll choose someone on March 3rd. Perhaps you can frame it and put it near your art workspace to inspire you each day! :)

5. The FIFTH AND LAST, I SWEAR! The fifth I do not have a picture of yet as it is currently flying over the ocean to the top of the world from New Zealand! It is a pair of earrings from the talented CARON BC! If you scroll down on her blog, you can see a picture of the ones I chose called "The Beach" (the left picture of the three pairs). They were the pair I hoped to win if I was chosen and was so thrilled that I was! I love the beach, grew up on the beach and all things ocean themed really speak to my soul. And to now have a connection to a beach on the other side of the world is really cool to me! I have to admit that this was one of the few giveaways that I entered for myself. I felt a little guilty doing that, but thought if I won, that the universe was telling me it was ok to do that. Heh Heh. I'll be sure to post a picture of these lovelies when they arrive. Yay!

Wow. What a bounty of kindness, huh?! I think Lisa is an awesome woman to have started this blog journey! I am going to do my first giveaways for it next year when she hosts the 5th Annual one! I can hardly wait! I have a lot of ideas and think that 10 months should be enough time for even me to get some great giveaways together! Heh Heh!

Have a wonderful day and remember to let me know which goodies you would like to be entered to win: Angies darling tag book, the set of 5 digital collage sheets from Lorri or the amazing photo card by Gabrielle! Feel free to enter all three drawings if you want! And most important, have a fantastical, fairy-dusted day! Hugs, Tamara


theresa martin said...

you're so cute, giving away your winnings. I'm not writing to enter, just to say how nice you are to pass on your winnings. and to say how good that cupcake you described sounds!

barbara burkard said...

i can't think of a more magical and deserving person to win such a bounty!!! congrats!!! hugz and love

Lorri said...

Congratulations on all your wins, you sure did have the lucky star shining down upon you. Thank you also for your lovely comments about me and my blog. What a generous offer to giveaway some of my collage sheets - thanks sweetie xo

Dawn said...

Well no wonder you won, good things come back to those who send them out - what a sweetheart you are xxx

martha brown said...

You won some great prizes! (and you really should have saved some for yourself:) You are so generous, Tam!