Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Itty Bitty for Christy

This is the new, and I think improved, 3x3 itty bitty collage for Christy - although the scan isn't that great on my poor, abused scanner! I wanted to do something more spiritual for her, and this comes closer to what was in my mind before. Sometimes I have a difficult time creating the things I see in my head. I have a "feeling" and a "look" and then I don't seem to have the supplies or know how to express it visually. It is frustrating as I so want to grow more as an artist. Perhaps once I get my new studio set up in the new place things will come more easily. It will be easier to find my "stuff", that's for sure!! Until then, I hope you like this one Christy!

1 comment:

barbara burkard said...

oh i don't think she will like just send it on to me...heehee...GIRL IT ROCKS AS SO DO YOU! IT'S GORGEOUS!