Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2.1 Million

That's the number of children who were living with AIDS in 2007. THREE-HUNDRED THOUSAND of those children died. And that is just the children. In the 21st Century this should NOT still be happening! So please, consider giving money to an AIDS Charity to help erradicate this horrible disease! And please read this loving tribute by my beautiful friend SANDEE (click on her name) who lost her brother to this this disease three years ago! No one should have to watch their loved one die of AIDS! We can make that happen if we donate time, money and our voices to educate!

Fourteen years ago I lost my friend Michael Anderson to AIDS. He worked in my Dad's nursery-Antonelli Brother's Begonia Gardens in Santa Cruz - and was a strong, vibrant, wonderful human being! He loved gardening, so my dad's nursery was the perfect place for him to work! When AIDS began to affect his health negatively, he was forced to tell my dad that he had it. I know that was not an easy thing for him to do and he worried if he would be fired or shunned by my dad. Well, one of the reasons that I remember my dad so fondly (he died in 2003 of lung cancer) is that he stood up and said: What can we do for you Michael? What my dad did was continue to allow Michael to work and take off as much time as he needed without fear of losing his position. I think that was awesome!

Sadly though, Michael lost his battle with AIDS after becomming a bed-ridden shell of a man who could no longer take care of himself. No one should ever have to die that way! And they don't have to! AIDS can be erradicated in this age! The drugs they have now to treat it are good, but we need better! We need a cure! Your donations can help that be a reality! NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is immune to AIDS! You don't have to be gay or an IV drug user to get AIDS! It can touch everyone, every socio-economic level, every human being on this earth. So please, read my story and Sandee's story and the stories of many others out there and help to get rid of this disease!

Thank You! And Sandee: I LOVE YOU GIRL! You can be proud that you are carrying on your brother's wishes about educating others about AIDS! I know he is proud of you! Give yourself a big hug from me, ok?!


sandee said...

Big hug given!!! Thanks for supporting the cause. And your dad was a "mensch"...a real man! G-d bless him.

sandee said...

Go check out my blog. I have a present for you!!!

barbara burkard said...

YOUR DAD WAS A PIONEER IN THE FIELD OF COMPASSION...and i can see his love radiating in YOU!!!