Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gremlins Are Alive And Well On Blogger...

...And they ate my blog for a few moments there. Apparently they thought it was SPAM! I didn't think anyone still ate SPAM! Hopefully they have had their fill now and will leave my blog alone! IT ISN'T SPAM! It's more like...baked tofu with a light peanut sauce! Heh!

As I didn't announce the winner of my Bird Gothic Arch publically, the winner was: MAIJA! You can see her blog on the list to the left called Maija Lepore (I'm too lazy to list the link in this post!). She has a picture of the giftie that arrived. Congrats Maija and I hope you enjoy your birdie! Don't worry folks, I promise to have another giveaway very soon and I hope you will think it is just as great! :)

Without further ado (well, too much ado), I give you my latest art. A Gothic Arch done in the theme of YOUR FAVORITE BOOK. Choosing just one was torturous, so I ended up choosing the one that changed my art in a positive way: POEMCRAZY by Susan Wooldridge. I adore this poet, author, artist, woman, wandering soul quite a lot! Pick up her books to read - you will not be sorry! Anyways, here is the art I created around that book. Hope you enjoy!


Alexandra Knittel said...

Wonderful arches!

barbara burkard said...

beautiful arch!!!

big hugz!

p.s. i threaten robbie with spam for supper when he gets...an attitude...(which of late i should be buying it in bulk!)