Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swift Sailing To You, Baldy!

The world lost a wonderful man today. Adrian Sudbury, 27 years young, was diagnosed with Lukemia two years ago and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunantly, the transplant didn't work. So Adrian decided to make bone marrow donation in the UK the focus of his remaining time. And he did a bang-up job of it too! The work he started is growing all over the world and Adrian's Army has vowed to keep it moving forward!

Please check out this link for MARROW DONATION information! It is NOT difficult to be put on the donation list (a simple blood test!) or become a donor (a simple procedure to remove marrow!). And it means that YOU could save someone's life! Isn't that wonderful?! And if you cannot be a donor, like me, then please take the time to get the word out there to the world! Donation is simple and easy and can make a world of difference in someone's life! It may not have saved ADRIAN (please read his blog!), but it gave him precious time with his family and his fight to save others! And that was a truly amazing gift for him and for the world!

Please watch this video on YouTube: THE ONE AND ONLY. This was one of the songs that Adrian chose if he were to be stranded on a desert island. I think it really sums up the man - A true ONE AND ONLY! May your journey be swift and easy, sweet Adrian! And thank you for touching the world with your beauty!

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sandee said...

This is why I love you so much! I have a present for you on my blog!