Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Zettirific Kind of Day

Here is my latest art for the fabulous CAROL. Her theme was Zettiology with words - SO FUN! This was my second attempt at her pages actually. The first was, um, better suited to use as garbage bag filler. Which is only one of the reasons that I am quite late with these. I do hope you will forgive me, sweet girl!

These pages are very autobiographical for me, as I tend to root myself in place quite a lot! I'm housebound since I don't drive and I tend to get very comfortable with that. When I do that I have to remind myself to find ways to let my soul fly. Often times it is by trying out a new art technique or by simply having the honey take us to the lake so we can watch the geese. Anything to get out of the same-ness routine I fall into. :)


Jennifer R.D. said...

I adore the pages you did for Carol- zetti-fabulous!!!
I love the pics you posted of our class with Jesse- awesome fun! I am still working on your painting!

sandee said...

Wowsa!!! The pages you made for Carol are simply divine!!!!!

Carol Stocker said...

Tamara, I came over to give you a blog award and saw these pages. My eyes teared up when I saw them, they are WONDERFUL! They are so personal and intimate. LOVE THEM!
Thank you so much for sharing your art with me. Hugs, Carol