Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sleepiness & A Wonderful Friend

Today I spent doing...nothing! I slept for 11 hours last night, woke up and got a drink of water and used the little girls room, laid back down to read a bit and shake off the wooziness and woke up 5 hours later! Yikes! I so very much wish that my sleeping pattern would normalize. I would love to be the kind of person who could sleep 8 hours a night and get up refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunantly, the pain issues I deal with make that impossible. Half the time I cannot sleep for a day and a half and the other half I crash for an entire day. Yada, Yada, Yada. If only I could get productive things done when I'm up! THAT doesn't happen! Instead, I read. A LOT! If you are ever interested in what I read, I keep a list on my Shelfari. There's a link to it below to the right on my list of stuff. But please don't judge my reading, ok?! I know it's not rocket science but I do try to read some intelligent and well written books inbetween the fluff! Heh Heh! But sometimes a girl just wants something predictable and easy, ya know?!

In other news, my wonderful friend JENNIFER sent me an AWESOME painting of a woman with a sugar skull that she started in the Jesse Reno workshop! It means so much to me that she sent it because I got to see it "born" right next to me! She was using the Jesse method of just adding colors on to the canvas and the woman figure emerged. I teased that it was a woman in mid-twirl and that her, ahm, breast was all-naturale! Heh Heh! Then the skull came out too, which I think was influenced by the wonderous Lana Guerra (see previous post for my drooling adoration of her!), who was sitting next to her. That is so very cool! Jennifer is such an amazing artist and someone I adore tremendously! She's my homegirl! Heh Heh! Please click on her name if you want to see more of her awesome art, ok?! Here is the painting that I already framed and hung on my art room wall. I adore it and thank Jennifer for allowing it to be with me!

Do you like the "trick" and "treat" words with it? I found those last year after Halloween at Michaels for 25 cents each!

Here's a pic of nearly the whole wall and the daybed. We just put up the shelf this week to house some of my witches. If you come to stay with me (and you are most welcome to do so anytime!), this is where you will sleep. But I promise that all the witches are good ones and will never give you nightmares!