Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Walk on The Wild Side

For Mama Peggy in a gothic arch swap, I made this:
Her theme was "A Walk on The Wild Side" - what's your wild side? So I used animal print on the front along with certain symbols: A fish to symbolize my love of water and the ocean, butterfly wings to show my love of winged things like butterflies, birds and fairies and a pointy had because I just love those (even if other folks are complaining about them being "old hat" now - pun intended!)! On the back I used a cat to symbolize my love of cats (duh), a witches hat and broom because I love halloween and witches (!) and a crow to show my darker/emotional/sad side, because that is a part of who I am. I hope she likes them as I had fun making them!
This little bat boy is a digital collage I made last night while playing around with some digital scrapbooking elements. I wanted to use him for a charm swap, but when you print it out tiny (under 1"), it just doesn't come out well. So I may have to do something else with him all together.

We went to a county auction this morning and it was fun. We found 4 old metal office chairs and are going to paint them and recover them with a funky fabric and use them for dining room chairs. They are kinda industrial looking and sturdy as all heck, so I think they will be good. We ended up paying $10 bucks each, which isn't bad I think! Then I goofed and bid $5 on a pallet of various stackable file/paper holders. I thought it was the other pallet with plastic envelopes that would have been great for art images. was only five bucks and we can definitely use some of them. The rest we'll donate to Goodwill I think! Heh! It was so noisy and frantic in there that I got confused - no surprise there! At least I didn't goof and buy a car or someting! Although, someone got an old truck for $25 bucks! Wow! You could sell it to a junk yard for more than that!

So far it's been a pretty good day. Although, when we left this morning I biffed it on the lawn and fell down. As always when I fall, I put down my crushed, bad knee and now it is swelling and bruising nicely. Luckily there isn't a lot of feeling in it anymore as it is held together with metal. But it does throb a bit. I also slightly chipped my tooth as I was grimacing on the way down AND spilled my Starbucks Soy Mocha! Darn it! I only allow myself one of those a week and now the lawn is drinking it! Oh well, worse could have happened, right?! I'm bound and determined to have a good day anyways! We are now headed to Roseville (30 miles away) to get some art supplies and a bag of chicken. I hope your day is wonderful and you find something fun to do!


peggy gatto said...

And of course the cat is a "gatto"!!!! I love my arch, what fun!!!

Megan said...

Please post pics of your chairs when you are done! I love "before & after"s.

I hope your knee is better!

Oh, and psssst.... I set up my Etsy store:


sandee said...

I absolutely adore peggy's arches! Actually, I adore everything you make!!! And the Halloween piece is awesome!!!

Feel better!

mariasangel said...

Merry Meet my friend! Have been very much enjoying your blog! Great art and love your style!