Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My New Obsession

Would somebody pLEAse buy this Lana Guerra painting for me??!!

Pretty please?! The link is right here: CRUDE THINGS. Now, I'm not expecting just one person to buy it. But if everyone went in on it, I think it could happen! And I have about $40 bucks I could throw into the pot too! So wouldn't be t*h*a*t much, really! And I saw this in person at the Jesse Reno workshop and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I want this so bad I'm thinking of selling off my Anahata Katkin book collection (which is now out of print, mind you!) to get it. Sad huh?! Sigh. I love this woman's art.

Here's a picture of LANA GUERRA (press her name for her website):

She tickles my brain and makes me feel like dancing in clown shoes! I got to meet her at the Jesse workshop and was just...enamoured! She really LIVES her art and that is so inspiring! She's one of the nicest people I have ever met too and I bet a lot of folks never take the chance of getting to know her because of her appearance. So sad. I guess I felt a kinship towards her in that way, since most of the time I feel like the fat lady at the circus that everyone stares at when I leave the cage. I always think "if people just took a moment to say hi or smile, they would see I'm a nice person". Sigh.

OK, OK, I'll stop! I know the violins are playing now! Heh! So back to that painting. I want it very badly and am going to figure out a way to get it. Anyone intersted in some out of print Anahata books?? I don't even know what to sell them for, honestly. I'll have to do some research! :) In the meantime, I should be happy to own this gem below by Lana, which I bought after the workshop. The title is "One Arm is Better Than None". It reminds me of myself since my arms and hands don't work like they should and I'm always saying "At least together they equal one good arm!". Heh Heh!

Have a wonderful, creative day and I forgive you if you don't want to go in on my painting! Chuckle! I just had to put it out in the universe that I wanted it, because you never know what will happen, right?! :)


peggy gatto said...

I just had fun visiting this website! Love her joyous art!!!

barbara burkard said...

wowsers..she is awesome!!!!

Kelly said...

you are cracking me up. Lana Stalker! Lana Stalker! i think we could definitely start a fan club. :0)

HappyDayArt! said...

You are so cute the way you are unabashed about your being Lana's fan. She really is awesome, I agree! You can do it! I know you will be able to get the painting someday. You need it!

Catherine Witherell

Maija said...

You are so funny! Great taste in her work, though!