Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frustrations & Goofy Ideas

Well, It's been another frustrating week. We attempted to adopt a sweet rescue doggie named Sophie, but it didn't work out. SHE was perfect and a total doll, didn't mind the cats and was even a little curious about them. But the cats just couldn't deal with a small, fuzzy thing in the house - even though she barely weighed 5 lbs! Gabby knocked the lamp off of the fireplace mantle (on purpose - he's vindictive that way!) and he and Figaro hissed more times than I've ever seen every time they even smelled sweet Sophie! And all through the night they would jump up on the bed, see her sleeping, hiss and do an acrobatic backward jump off the bed. It was like the circus of the bizarre around here! What, did they think she wouldn't be there after the 10th time or something?! Geesh! So, after several hours of sleepless crying, attempts at interspecies communication and some human discussion, we decided that Sophie deserved a better home. I was afraid one of the cats would end up hurting her and I wouldn't have been able to handle that guilt. And also, I do love my furry children, so it wasn't fair to turn their world upside down just because I have a "I need a baby" yearning.

So, the dog adoptions are going to be no more. Which is sad because I really wanted a little furry girl that could hang out with me during the day. It gets pretty lonely around here while the cats sleep. And, you know, hitting the big 40 made me think about never being able to have a baby of the human kind. I mean sure, the kid was probably better off not having to have a mom like me, but would have been nice. Anyways...that got Shea and I talking and laughing about a show we saw on BBC America about "REBORN" babies. These are incredibly lifelike baby dolls that some women collect. Further than that, some create whole nurseries for them, buy clothes for them, wheel them around town in elaborate baby buggies and treat them in all ways like real babies. Here are a couple of them:

We joked that maybe I should get a reborn to get over the baby longing. So for fun, I looked them up. Do you realise that these things cost about $1000 a pop?!! And you can go more elaborate than that with them, too! They can have heartbeats, breathing aparatus, be weighted like real babies, have umbilical cords and real-feeling spines among other things! So bizarre! And a little creepy, too! I don't think there is any way I could have one of these around the house! I've seen WAY too many horror movies about dolls coming to life and eating people! Eek!!

However, if I were a LARPer (Live Action Role Player), I would definitely think about getting one of these:

I mean, if you were an elf character, you could totally sling your elf child around with you to your game sessions! Heh Heh! Aren't her ears cute?! And seriously, if I had a real child, I would make up a story about finding elf children for about 6 months before their birthday and then have them find one of these on their day as their present. Wouldn't that be fun?! But since I'm not a mom and not a LARPer, I don't think I'll be getting this little gal either. But I did end up finding THE PERFECT SOLUTION:

Little Umi So Truly Real Doll!! She's furry like sweet Sophie dog and small like a baby without all the creepiness of the reborns and the cat hysterics! And she's economically priced at about $100! PLUS, a portion of her cost goes to rainforest preservation! Absolutely perfect! Heh! Can you see me lugging one of these around town, all bundled up like a baby and then when someone asks to see her, I unveil this furry orangutan face?! Oh man, that would be classic! Snicker! I just crack myself up! Heh Heh! Yes, she's cute, but I don't think I'll be getting one of these, either. I guess I'm not that desperate after all. Although...I AM wondering if the cats wouldn't mind another cat or two...or 5 in the house! :)

Have a great weekend all!


Maija said...

Hey Tamara! Don't sell yourself short- you are kind and loving- you would have made an excellent mom!

sandee said...

You, my darling friend, would not only be an awesome momma to a human, but you're already an amazing momma to your furry friends. You are so incredibly terrific that I think you would be the best momma in the world.

And there's always adoption. Wanna adopt me?

Kelly said...

i'm sorry the pup didn't work out with the kitties. when we adopted our kitten last year it was a tough transition. she was sooo afraid of our big dog. he was completely mellow and rather uninterested in her. but she was a freak. we kept her in the guest bathroom for the first few days. that way they could smell each other and hear one another but not actually interact. now they are fine. they don't interact much though. our old cat Loved our big dog. so it's just personality, i guess. and those dolls really freak me out! i saw them on t.v. too. holy cow they are so real looking. but i would be afraid i would wake up with one of them staring at me and holding a kitchen knife. eeeek! and you know as well as i do that any kid you have (if that's the way it all turns out) would be so especially blessed! you are the sweetest, smartest, most fun girl. but scaring people with a monkey sounds like good idea either way. :0)

peggy gatto said...

I am sorry about your doggy, but oh my all the options you have. I had no idea they had all that stuff!!! thanks for the fun!
I also love your pages for tanya!!!

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Tam,
What the heck do you mean... a mom like me? Do you need a cyber-slap from me?! Huh?
Nix the creepy babies, but I DO love the monkey!
Anybody would be lucky to have a mom like you!

Megan said...

Any child would be lucky to have you, my sweet.

I tagged you on my blog for seven random things. You know, for when you have nothing better to do. Ha!

Mija said...

oh honey girl, you would be a fantastical mama... to monkey or child! he he sorry the puppy didn't work out... it took quite awhile for our old dogs to get use to the kitten but eventually they figured it out. it's alot of work at first tho and may just be too much to take on right now. sending you huggles and love.

barbara burkard said...

oh oh my goodness you ARE a SPECTACULAR MOMMY...!!!! NEVER EVER SUGGEST YOU AREN'T!!! all the love that pours from your heart...your gentle nature...need i go on?

love you!!! and hey if you "adopt" sandee....MEEEE TOOOO MEE TOOOOO!!!

big hugz