Sunday, November 9, 2008

Floating in Blue and Retail Therapy

So, I've been a little down lately. It happens even with my daily intake of happy pills. I've learned to accept it as a part of my being because to fight it just makes it worse. Sadly it has been affecting my creation of art - ie: I really don't want to make any! It's been difficult to pull through my swap commitments as the whispering muse just isn't there. What once flowed like a swift river has been like drudging through half frozen molassass. What a yucky feeling that is! I'm starting to come out of that, though, which is good. One of the things that has really helped has been looking at artist blogs. There are so many amazingly talented artists out there in blogland! And while I haven't been able to create anything even close as inspiring, just gazing upon so much creativity is filling up my soul!
One of my newest finds is an artist named Monica Magness. Please click on her name to see her blog! As soon as I started reading her blog I was delighted. She has so much creativity and sunshine! Well, after reading some of her blog I had to check out her ETSY STORE, of course. And I ended up doing a little retail therapy! Now, if you know me, you know I'm a big one for saying "Oh, I really want that!" and then not buying it! Because I do like to be practical...and I'm on a budget! But I found a couple of things in her store that I just HAD TO HAVE! Seriously, I just couldn't imagine not having them in my life! Was it the depression talking - begging - for some retail therapy to chase it away??! Perhaps. But instead of overanalyzing it like I do every single thing in my life, I just decided to go for it and buy the things! I feel so...irresponsible! Heh! But when the items arrived today, I was so thrilled that I had listened to my irresponsible voice! I think these things were meant to come live with me and tomorrow I will find a place in my home to put them where I can see them each and every day. I'm hoping they'll bring me many smiles and even - dare I ask for it?! - a touch of inspiration!
Here are the goodies I splurged on:

She is the "NEWFANGLED" art doll. Oh, there is so much wonderful texture on her and her face is SO COOL! She reminds me a little of Picasso and Katie Kendrick, but in her own unique and delightful way! And she arrived in bright tissue and a fabric ribbon that will be stashed away for future art projects!
This beauty is called "LOVELORN..." and represents lost love and unrequited love. And oh, she is just awesome! Her skull face is made of clay and she wears a beautful metal heart with a key wrapped around it with wire. There is so much texture and she is so well made! I feel - and please don't laugh at me here - but I feel honored to house this special art piece in my home! She's really that cool! I'm in lourve with her, man! She's going to sit on my fireplace mantle with two other Day of The Dead Dolls we have I think. I'll take pics when I can find my camera! Heh!

And lastly, I bought this lovely art doll form to inspire my creativity! I love the red swirly fabric and the shape of her is really great in person! I'm already thinking that she needs wings of some sort - maybe metal or wooden. And I have this cool vintage ceramic face pin that may just work for her head. She'll be my very first art doll (other than paper dolls) and I hope I can do her justice!

So that was my wicked behavior for the week. Hopefully the universe will forgive me for indulging myself! But just in case I need to bank up a little karma credit, I think I'll root around the art room tomorrow for some blog giveaway items. So stay tuned for that this next week, beautiful artists!


SweetAnnee said...

How FUN!!
glad to find your blog
fondly, Deena

barbara burkard said...

oh oh,....definitely wings...for your art dollie!!! she's shakin...she needs stuff to keep her warm...YOU GO more no i need to come out there and....and...and.....(oh no...i'm giving you the "mom" look...(just ask the kids...all about THAT look...) go dress/adorn that dollie!!!