Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Day two of an embroidery journey? Epic fail. As in all 4 hours of attempting to embroider a flower. I tore it out and tried to just fill in the square and then add a button. Again, epic fail. So, I am thinking the stars are not aligned for me today and I will try again tomorrow. But the thing that saved my sanity, is the amazing comments about my cupcake! Thank you so much kind people! Because of you I am not going to throw all my embroidery supplies in a bonfire. Heh Heh.
Tomorrow is another day, right? That's what Sweet Sally McNally says, anyways. :)


barbara burkard said...

i think your kitties are thinking you need to be STITCHIN THEM!!! (well their likeness'....)

theresa martin said...

I hate when that happens. and it happens. tomorrow is another day, may the threads glide for you.