Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello Kind People!

I finally got around to doing some stitchery the other night after dealing with a very ill furry child (cat), buying new tires for the car that were so bad that I'm not sure they actually had any rubber left on them and generally wanting to hide away from the world because it's all so overwhelming!
What I did was 4 kitty cats representing my furry children Gabriel, Figaro, Leopold and Sally. And then I did a fabric heart that is a bit puffy with the stitching and I think is fun. Then I found another $1 stamp at Michael's - the bird! So I stamped the bird and then embroidered him by using big stiches that went long ways over the stamp. So he looks kinda fuzzy. Then I added the fabric hat and button, some grass stitches and some yellow ric-rac. The ric-rac, fabric and button were gifts from fellow stitcher JULIE FILLO! Thanks sweet friend!
I know none of this really goes together, but I am just learning the craft and wanted to just play. Next time - and yes, GASP I'm feeling like there will be more embroidery in my future - I'll pick a theme and go with it. :) For now though, I'm trying to be gentle on myself and not stick to any plan. :)


Maija said...

Your sticthing is wonderful, Tamara!!!!!
I'm glad sick kitty is better.

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Love the bird!!