Friday, February 8, 2008

Whimsical Thoughs As Small As The World

This is a spread I did in a wonderful Whimsical themed round robin book. (**SEE 3rd SCAN BELOW for completed L page with 3-D wooden "M".)This was my first time doing a journal-type spread and I think it could become addicting! It's not that I think this piece is so amazing or anything. It's just that it felt so freeing to be able to add images and words all over the page rather than sticking to a "formula". I had no idea if it would work when I started but decided to just give it a try. This is largely (almost completely!) due to the encouraging words of Kathy, the books' owner, who basically said "allow your muse to soar and create what it will". Isn't that incredibly cool?!? I thought so! So thank you Kathy for starting me on a journey I am sure will be very creative and fulfilling! :)